Split Pea and Vegetable Soup

Split peas are high in fiber, which can help decrease cholesterol, normalize blood sugars, and help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. What could be better? All of these things, in turn, support a healthy heart.

Get Split Pea and Vegetable Soup Full Recipe at Health Essentials

Mushroom Ravioli with Sweet Pea Sauce

Just add some fresh tarragon or mint to the cooking process early and a little bit of crème fraiche or sour cream on top and you have homemade soup that tastes just like spring in about 10 to 15 minutes. Get Mushroom Ravioli with Sweet Pea Sauce Full Recipe at Eastham.Wicked Local

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Chicken Meatball Recipe

You can eat them with flatbread, over something sturdy like kale, or straight up. They’ll turn you into a meal prepper faster than you can say cafeteria sushi. Get Chicken Meatball Full Recipe at BonAppetit.com

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Chocolate Oatmeal Bowls

The two different types of chocolate layer to give a rich, deep flavor, and the dash of cinnamon brightens the dish with spice. Think of it as hot chocolate turned into a meal, making it easy to justify fitting into every morning! Get Chocolate Oatmeal Bowls Full Recipe at Mind Body Green

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Prawns and peach salsa in Parmesan cups

Prepared Parmesan cheese cups (to make Parmesan cheese cups beforehand, melt Parmesan cheese in small greased cups and allow to cool for an hour to take the shape of the cup mould) Get Prawns and peach salsa in Parmesan Cups Full Recipe at Gulfnews

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Vietnamese Caramel Salmon

This is a good way to go if you want dinner on the table in less than half an hour. Get Vietnamese Caramel Salmon Full Recipe at Press Herald

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Lamb Curry with Carrots

Try this hearty yet satisfying recipe for lamb curry with carrots and peas. Even though good quality lamb will cook quickly, this curry takes roughly two hours to cook and infuse. Get Lamb Curry with Carrots Full Recipe at HeraldLive

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Green Banana Dessert with Shaved Ice

This classic Indonesian dessert uses unripe bananas to create an addictive topping for shaved ice and sweet rice porridge. Get Green Banana Dessert with Shaved Ice Full Recipe at SBS.com.au

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Chicken and Wild Rice Bake Recipe

This Chicken and Wild Rice Bake is amazingly easy. Like super duper easy. Like you won’t believe how ridiculously easy. If you can stir ingredients together, you can make this hearty, delicious, comforting dish without any problem at all. Get Chicken and Wild Rice Bake Recipe Full Recipe at alabamanewscenter.com

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Homemade Creme Eggs Recipe

These chocolate eggs may look quite innocent, but they have a surprise inside. As you bite through the chocolate coating and sweet vanilla filling, you’ll discover a core of cannabutter that is bound to make this an Easter unlike any other. Get Homemade Creme Eggs Full Recipe at SettleTimes

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