Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe with Zucchini & Spinach

Stuffed Tomatoes are a simple side dish or appetizer you can make for all occasions. Filled with cheese, zucchini and spinach, and then topped with breadcrumbs, this stuffed tomato recipe is all kinds of delicious. It’s the perfect veggie side dish!

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Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Heartier than chicken soup, this classic comfort dish is decidedly more stewlike, thanks to a golden-brown roux, a densely flavored chicken broth, and, of course, the dumplings. Think of them as a biscuit meeting a matzo ball: fluffy little clouds made from a quick mixture of flour, baking powder, buttermilk, butter and an egg for […]

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Parsnip Cake with Cinnamon

Here is an easy way to prepare a delicious parsnip cake, a tasty dessert topped with lemon zest and cinnamon. Get Parsnip Cake with Cinnamon Full Recipe at Fine Dining Lovers

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Cheesecake Dessert Nachos

Cinnamon and sugar tortilla chips covered in caramel, no bake cheesecake and toffee bits – These Cheesecake Nachos are the perfect dessert nacho recipe! Get Cheesecake Dessert Nachos Full Recipe at Ashlee Marie

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Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns

Homemade, easy caramel pecan sticky buns recipe, made with simple ingredients from scratch. These sweet rolls are the best and loaded with cinnamon, pecans. Get Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns Full Recipe at Cake Whiz

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Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

Bread and Butter Pudding is surely the ultimate transformation of leftover bread!! A classic comfort dessert, it’s custardy on the inside, golden and buttery on top. The only question is this: what will you serve it with? Ice cream, cream, custard – or something else? Get Bread and Butter Pudding Full Recipe at Recipe Tin Eats

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Basic Apple Pie Recipe

A basic apple pie recipe is simple and the end results are just plain tasty. It’s a recipe that everyone should have in their collection. This apple pie doesn’t use a lot of added sugar and you don’t have to cook the apples before adding them to the crust. Get Basic Apple Pie Full Recipe at […]

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Healthy Shamrock Shake Recipe

A small McDonalds Shamrock Shake will set you back 460 calories and 64 grams of sugar! Do your health a favor, and make your own delicious and healthy shamrock shake at home. Get Healthy Shamrock Shake Full Recipe at Chocolate Covered Katie

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Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats

Pumpkin spice has taken over autumn for good reason. That mix of warming spices with the golden sweetness of squash is pretty special — and more importantly — versatile. It goes from pie to latte, and now into these Rice Krispies treats without batting an eye. So next time you’re looking for a quick and […]

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Severed Fingers Halloween Cookies

This recipe is from Martha Stewart, so not only do they look cool but they also have fantastic flavor–not too dry or hard. Even though they are soft inside, they aren’t too, too fragile. Get Severed Fingers Halloween Cookies Full Recipe at Genius Kitchen

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